Kitchens, Beds, and Baths of Kenya

When we arrived in Nairobi it was late and dark. We were taken to the Presbyterian Guest House and told not to use the water...after 48 hours of travel and 22 of it in the air. 

You can see sleeping nets above the bed. Those are to prevent malaria. When mosquitoes bite they deposit parasite eggs in the blood which hatch at different times according to when the bites occurred. We took malaria medicine a week before we left, while we were there and 4 weeks after we got back to kill every hatch.

When we woke up that first morning I could smell smoke and my first thought was, “Oh no, our building is on fire and I don't know where the exits are!” I looked out the door expecting to see frantic people running but I heard people visiting so went back and looked out the window....to see people cooking their breakfast a few yards away.
This was the source of the smoke. This family was cooking breakfast outside. We could smell cooking fires all over Kenya the entire time we were there.

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